Infrared Technology Stops Drug Smuggling Effort

BROWNSVILLE–With the help of infrared technology, U.S. Border Patrol agents seized more than 300 pounds of marijuana and arrested four people near the Brownsville border with help from the Office of Air and Marine.

Early this morning an agent using an infrared device saw several people paddle an inflatable raft that was loaded with marijuana across the Brownsville ship channel.


The smugglers fled on foot when they saw agents, but four of them were quickly caught and arrested after a brief chase.

Inside the raft, agents found five bundles of marijuana, with a value of more than $240,000.

At about the same time as the agents in Brownsville were making their bust, agents at the other end of the Rio Grande Valley were seizing more than 400 pounds of marijuana in Havana, Texas.

The drugs were confiscated after agents saw several people attempt to load bundles of marijuana into a pickup truck in McAllen.

When agents activated their vehicle’s flashing lights, the pickup drove off and the smugglers ran away ─ leaving behind nearly $350,000 worth of marijuana.

The marijuana from the two seizures will be turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

–South Texas Tribune,



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