BP Agents Confiscate More Than a Ton of Marijuana

Border Patrol Agents seize more than a ton of Marijuana

RIO GRANDE CITY–Border Patrol agents seized more than a ton of marijuana in several seizures around Starr County on Thursday.

Agents confiscated more than a 1,000 pounds of  marijuana worth about $830,000 after a DPS helicopter noticed a Tahoe possibly loaded with narcotics near Cuevita.

Smuggler Tried to Drive Over Embankment to Get Drugs Back to Mexico

The people driving the Tahoe decided to drive the vehicle and go over the embankment in the Rio Grande landing short of the water. Authorities report two men got out and swam back to Mexico.

In Sullivan City, agents saw a car driving north of the river. When they tried to pull it over, somebody threw out homemade spikes from the car.

Homemade Spikes Thrown at Border Patrol Unit

When the car reached the river, the driver and passenger jumped out and swam back to Mexico. Two of the tires from the Border Patrol car were flattened, but they were still able to seize nearly 800 pounds of marijuana.

Agents report a third marijuana seizure in which about 300 pounds were confiscated, bringing Thursday’s total for the Rio Grande City agents to an estimated value of more than $1.6 million.

–South Texas Tribune, southtexastribune@gmail.com

Read more at www.southtexastribune.com


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