Alice Police Officer Charged With Murder

CORPUS CHRISTI–An Alice Police officer is charged with the murder of his common law wife in a crime that spanned over two counties and left many residents shaking their heads about what happened.

Authorities said Jose Gonzales III went to a home in the Annaville area of Corpus Christi around 7:30 Monday morning and shot and killed Leslie Morin, 31. He took his 8-year-old son and left with him.

Alice officials claim he was upset about a separation when she left Gonzales recently to moved to Annaville.

Officers in Nueces and Jim Wells County searched for Gonzales. He finally showed up at his home and held officers at bay.

A fellow officer and commander talked him into giving up his young son who was allowed to walk out around 8:30 am. Shortly after that, the same officer talked Gonzales into giving himself up peacefully.

Gonzales, 44,  was charged with murder and his bail was set at $250,000.



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