K-9 Officers Find Burglary Suspect

CORPUS CHRISTI–Two K-9 officers find a burglary suspect in a brush area after the dogs picked up a scent while investigating a crime scene.

Officers responded to an isolated marshy area and contacted the victim who had been enjoying the afternoon fishing.  The 23-year-old victim reported his silver Ford pick-up truck was burglarized and the stolen items were inside a blue Chevrolet Suburban parked next to him.

The victim told Officers the suspect had smashed out a window and stolen his binoculars, a wallet, along with a Leatherman hand tool.  It was unknown where the suspect had fled.

Due to the terrain and oncoming nightfall, officers along with their K-9 partners were asked to assist in finding the suspect.  Kimbo and LaRoy detected a scent and tracked it straight to the suspect who was hiding in the thick brush.

Joe Earle Huffman, 64,  was arrested and charged with Burglary of a Motor Vehicle.  The stolen property valued at $1,100 was returned to the victim.


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