Corpus Christi PD To Address Graffiti Problems

 CORPUS CHRISTI–Corpus Christi residents living on the southside will get a chance to learn how to report graffiti incidents to them and reduce the problem in their neighborhood.
In its latest problem with the issue in an area battered by graffiti vandalism , an officer was patrolling Thursday night when he spotted a teenage male walking through the parking lot of a closed business near Horne and Kostoryz.  Another officer had earlier seen the man loitering in the area, apparently “admiring” previous acts of graffiti vandalism.
When the officer stopped to investigate, he discovered the 17-year-old was carrying a black magic marker in his pants pocket.  An investigation showed on the teen’s cell phone uncovered photographs of graffiti vandalism, which is a common tactic among graffiti vandals of memorializing their destructive acts.
The officer arrested the teen for Possession of Graffiti Implements, a city ordinance violation, and transported him to the City Detention Center.

CCPD is hosting a Neighborhood Meeting February 1st, 6:00 PM at the South Middle School Cafeteria, 3001 McArdle Road.  The meeting is intended to engage residents of the 78415 zip code with the Police Department and other City and State partners to erradicate graffiti in their neighborhood.

The meeting will include information on the reporting of graffiti, the filing of police vandalism reports via our Telephone Reporting Unit or Online Reporting,  and how to remain anonymous when calling tips on suspects committing crime.


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