BP Breaks Up Drug Smuggling Effort at Port of Brownsville

Hector Mata-Zapata

BROWNSVILLE–Three men get arrested near the Brownsville Ship Channel for transporting nearly 400 pounds of marijuana after the Border Patrol uses high technology to catch them.

Border Patrol Agents report sensor activity tipped them to activity happening Sunday night  about 46 miles away from their location at Veterans International Port of Entry.

Eiden Melendez

They used thermal imaging equipment and it appeared eight people were carrying bundles of narcotics north from the Rio Grande River towards the Brownsville Ship Channel.

Agents at the Brownsville Ship Channel starting using night vision goggles on higher ground to maintain surveillance of the smugglers.

BP agents confronted the people carrying the narcotics. They all dropped the drugs and started running away. Agents were able to secure seven bundles of marijuana weighing 183 kilos and a raft, according to court documents.

Agents at Veterans Bridge using the thermal imaging equipment identified the suspects were laying down in an open area. They directed agents on the ground to the location.

They found three men, while five others ran south towards the Rio Grande River and escaped.

Edien Melendez-Arellano, Ehder Nieto-Mata and Hector Mata-Zapata were arraigned in federal court for drug trafficking. They were ordered held without bond.


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