Men Charged in Brownsville Home Invasion Robbery

Jorge Cervantes

BROWNSVILLE–A year-long investigation into a home invasion robbery in Brownsville has led to the arrests of three people and the search for a fourth suspect.

Investigators report four people came to a home on the 500 block of Acacia Lake Drive in December of 2010 wearing black ski masks, a bandana over his face, carrying handguns and a knife.

When they arrived at the residence, they forced their way through the front door after ringing the door bell.  The suspects searched the rest of the house looking for the homeowner.

Epigmenio Ahumada Arrested

Witness said the two home staff members were then bound with duck tape and zip-ties and placed on the ground.  The suspects ransacked the residence searching for valuables and they discovered a small hand gun inside the night stand in the master bedroom and took it.

The homeowner called his residence as he usually does to inform his staff that he was on his way home.  One of the subjects ordered the house keeper to answer the phone and to act normal as to not alarm the homeowner in an attempt to lure him into the residence.

The homeowner arrived at approximately 7:00 p.m., with one of his employees and his (employee’s) fiancé.  The couple was still in the car when the homeowner opened the front door.

Jorge Ramirez Arrested

He was immediately pulled in by the one of the suspects at gunpoint and passed to another suspect in the living room.  One suspect went to the vehicle and forced the couple inside the house at gunpoint.  Once inside the house, the couple was tied up with duck tape as well.

One of the suspect then started telling the homeowner that they were there because they needed a large amount of money.  The suspect took the homeowner around the house ordering to open the safes and demanding the cash.

The suspects took several pieces of jewelry and watches from two of the safes, then the suspects put the homeowner down on the ground tied up

Fearing for his life, the homeowner told them that the money was in the bank and that he would withdraw it in the morning if they didn’t harm anyone.

The suspects agreed and left everyone there and only took their cell phones, except for the Homeowner’s phone.  They were instructed not to call the police or they would come back and kill them all.

One of the suspects left a knife on a box and told the victims to wait 20 minutes before they freed themselves.  The suspects took anything that they thought might have recording capabilities and left the house.

The suspects took a small red Mazda Pickup and after an hour of them leaving, they called the homeowner and told him that he could pick up the truck in the parking lot of the local Home Depot.

The vehicle was picked up by the homeowner’s staff and brought back to the residence. The following day  the homeowner received a call from the suspects. The suspect informed him that he was still being watched; they also instructed him to take the small red pickup to the bank.

The homeowner visited his banks and made several large withdrawals in an attempt to get as much money as he could.  He placed all the money in a bag and was given orders to proceed to a location along FM 106 in Cameron County.  He dropped off the money on the side of the road and was ordered to continue heading forward.

The homeowner was not able to contact law enforcement until three days later in fear of retaliation against him, his family and friends.

After a yearlong investigation, BPD Special Investigation Unit Agents, with the assistance of ICE Special Agents, the U.S. Border, FBI and the U.S. Marshal Service arrested Jorge Ramirez, Epigmenio Ahumada and Jorge Cervantes, who are from Brownsville.

They are charged with aggravated robbery and kidnapping. They will also face an additional charge of engaging in criminal activity.

They are still looking for the fourth suspect. His name is Gabriel Ahumada and is believed to be hiding out in Mexico.

Two have given confessions and admitted to taking part in the home invasion robbery, according to investigators. They won’t say if they have recovered the jewelry, watches and money taken in the crime.

The investigators won’t reveal the motive in the home invasion robbery. They will only say the group knew each other, though they weren’t connected to any cartels in Mexico.


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