More Arrests on SPI At Spring Break

SUOTH PADRE ISLAND–South Padre Island officials said Spring Break for Texas Week is starting to get busy and there were more arrests on Day 2, including a bail out that stemmed from some people trying to get away from police.

Jail commanders report about 20 people spent the night in the city’s jail at South Padre Island City Hall.

Police said most of those arrested were for simple assaults and public intoxication.

Chief Randy Smith told the South Texas Tribune the worst thing that happened was a hit and run accident during the overnight hours by the Whataburger Restaurant on Padre Boulevard.

Smith said the driver and several occupants inside the car t-boned a taxi cab driver, causing extensive damage to both cars. It’s believed the taxi was totaled.

The driverdrove the car with axle damage away from the scene before the vehicle broke down a few blocks away and they bailed out.

Smith reported the driver was found near a house in the area on one of the smaller streets in the area.

The rest of the occupants took off running and couldn’t be found. It was discovered by police they called for a taxicab. The cab was pulled over and the people taken into custody.

Investigators were interviewing the taxicab driver this morning to find out how many people were picked up and to see if there was anybody else wanted by police.

Authorities expect Texas Week will get busier on South Padre Island as the week goes on. Hotels will be sold out starting on Wednesday.

The big concern will be the next weekend when the college students from Oklahoma and Kansas schools will start their Spring Break.

The overlap of the students on the weekend with the Texas Week students will lead to a busiest part of Spring Break for South Padre Island.



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