CBP Workers Interrupt Smuggling Attempt

PHARR–Custom and Border Protection officers foiled an attempt to smuggle kids into the United States in the Upper Rio Grande Valley, while uncovering a woman was lying about her citizenship in a second incident.

A Pharr woman driving a black 1997 Ford Expedition tried to cross the Pharr International Bridge Monday with two children, ages 4 and 10, and claimed they were citizens.

The driver presented a birth certificate from the United States and she had a U.S. passport. She said she was related to the kids.

It was later discovered the woman wasn’t related to the children and the kids were residents of Mexico. They determined the boys were brothers and they were reunited with their mother in Mexico.

Also at the Hidalgo International Bridge, a female passenger from Mexico tried to present a Texas issued identification card and claimed she was a citizen.

CBP officers determined the woman was lying and didn’t have documents to enter the United States.

Both women were taken into custody and faced a federal judge. The female passenger from Mexico was deported back to home.






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