Former Corpus Christi Officer Will Get Bail In Sex With Minor Case

CORPUS CHRISTI–A federal judge set bail for a former Corpus Christi Police officer accused of having sex with a high school where he served as a school resource officer.

Robert McChester Jr. will have to wear a tracking device and be under house arrest at his parent’s home. They also will have to suspend internet service and turn over all computers and cell phones to authorities.

Federal prosecutors may appeal the bond set by the judge so McChester remains in federal custody in Robstown.

McChester is accused of having a relationship with a 15-year-old student at Tuloso-Midway High School in the Annavilla area. An affidavit states the two had sex five times.

The two knew each other at the high school where he patrolled the campus grounds. It’s believed McChester gave her break to get her out of trouble.

According to cour testimony, the victim contacted him via Facebook to say thank you and the relationship developed from there.

A federal judge ruled Friday there is enough evidence to move forward to trial.

McChester was arrested earlier in the week and resigned from the police department on Wednesday.


One response to “Former Corpus Christi Officer Will Get Bail In Sex With Minor Case

  1. Michael Gibson

    McChester was sentenced to 13 years in a federal prison. He apologized to his victim and her mother. McChester had been having sex with the 14 year old girl from April of 2011 until April of 2012. At the time he was a Corpus Christi Police officer and worked part-time at Tuloso Midway High School where the girl went to school. The two became facebook friends then began having sex.

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