Father and Daughter Charged With Corpus Christi Murder

CORPUS CHRISTI–A father and daughter were charged with murder in Corpus Christi this week after they were accused of shooting the woman’s boyfriend, police report.

Chasity Longbine, 25, told investigators she seperated from Jesus Quintanilla III, 30 and he threatened to kidnap her last Sunday.

Chasity claimed she shot during an argument at her apartment on the 800 block of Hancock Avenue. Her father, Dennis Longbine, 56, was present at the house.

A court affidavit said Quintanilla died from two .22 caliber bullets to his upper body. An autopsy showed two different guns were used in the murder.

The daughter was taken into custody last Sunday and charged with murder. Her bond was set at $250,000.

During an interview on a local television newscast, the father also admitted to taking part in the murder.

Two days later, Longbine was arrested by Corpus Christi Police. He was charged with murder and his bond was also set at $250,000.


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