Voting Slow in Cameron County Early Vote Period

BROWNSVILLE–Voting during the first week is slower than expected in the Early Vote of the State’s Primary Election in Cameron County, though one political party turnout is considered one of the best in Texas.

After the first six days of early voting, county elections report 11,867 have voted in the Democrat and Republican races. That represents about 6 percent of the voters in Cameron County.

Those numbers are lower than what both parties expected for the state primary. It’s believed the end of school and too many elections in recent months have slowed down voters.

“People are saying there have been too many elections and they are burned out,” said Roger Ortiz, Cameron County Elections Administrator. “I just hope people turn out next Tuesday.”

The other issue is the amount of candidates in the election and items voters have to vote on. It’s intimidating voters, according to party chairs.

More than five percent of registered Democrats have shown up to cast their ballots, while about one perecent of Republicans have come to vote.

According ot the State Secretary’s Office, after the first week of voting, Cameron County Democrats rank as the second highest voter turnout in the state.



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