Houston Man Sentenced in Drug Trafficking Case

CORPUS CHRISTI–A Houston man will spend more than 24 years in prison for his involvement in a drug trafficking operation that brought methamphetamine from Mexico.

Fidel Elfego Boyso-Gutierrez, 53, of Houston, was sentenced Monday to 292 months for possession with intent to distribute about four kilograms of meth, federal prosecutors said.
A federal jury convicted Gutierrez last summer after he was indicted in November 2010.
During trial, the jury learned Gutierrez was the owner of a transportation company named AIguala Bus Company located in Houston, that specialized in transporting items from Mexico to Houston for a small charge.
Gutierrez owned several vehicles used for the transportation of goods and had several stores located in various Mexican states.
On Oct. 30, 2010, Gutierrez entered the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint as a passenger in a passenger bus. A service canine alerted to a black bag in the luggage compartment on which a luggage tag was identified as belonging to Gutierrez.
Agents asked Gutierrez to exit the bus for questioning and he told agents that he had purchased the bag in Morelos, Mexico. He also stated he was taking the bag to his home in Houston.
They asked for and received consent to search the bag, at which time they located two bundles of methamphetamine sewn in the lining. The methamphetamine was determined to have a net weight of nearly four kilograms and was 95.2 percent pure.
Gutierrez denied any knowledge of the narcotics.
During sentencing, the court heard evidence that Gutierrez had been associated with immigrant, money, weapons and drug smuggling for many years.
From March 1999 to April 2003, Gutierrez made attempts to smuggle thousands of dollars through the Roma Port of entry and the Hidalgo Port of Entry.
On April 28, 2010, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents at the Progreso Port of Entry found six packages of methamphetamine weighing about three kilograms, concealed in false bottoms of two ice chests in a vehicle. Gutierrez was a passenger in the car.
On May 12, 2010, agents again intercepted the same vehicle and seized four packages with a third of a kilogram of heroin hidden in a wooden box.



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