Former DA Criminal Investigator Sentenced in Corruption Case

BROWNSVILLE–A former criminal investigator from the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office was sentenced to one year in federal prison Wednesday after he was indicted in an investigation related to a state district judge corruption case.

Jaime Munivez, 47, who was the former bailiff for former State District Judge Abel Limas, pled guilty last December to extortion under the color of the law.

Munivez confessed in his plea agreement to creating a fake seizure document to get a truck filled with drug money from Houston in 2007, leaking information to a murder suspect about his case in 2008, created fraudulent documents on two other occasions in 2008 and delivered money from attorney, Joe Valle, to Judge Limas as part of that bribery case for favorable rulings from 2000 to 2004.

Court documents also show he admitted he recieved about more than $5,000 in cash, a bicycle and repairs and construction work at his house.

A federal judge sentenced Munivez to 12 months and one day, followed by three-year supervised released, a fine of $2,500 and will do 200 hours of community service. Munivez was allowed to voluntary surrender to a federal prison at a future date.


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