Brownsville Man Accidentally Released From Tennessee Prison Turns Himself In


OLMITO–A man charged with murder in Cameron County who was accidentally released from a Tennessee prison has turned himself in to authorities in the Lower Valley.

Randal Bolivar, who was in prison in Dixon County, was accidentally released in a mixup, according to officials in Tennessee.

Bolivar is one of the three suspects charged with the 2009 murder of Aaron Castillo in Las Prietas.He and two others, including his brother, are awaiting trial on that charge.

Cameron County officials were made aware of the accidental release Friday.

Today, they said Bolivar turned himself in at the Carrizales-Rucker Detention Center with his mother and attorney by his side.

“He did the right thing by turning himself into the sheriff’s department,” said Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio. “He knew he wasn’t suppose to be released.”

Bolivar’s sentenced was finished in Tennessee and he was supposed to be turned over to Texas officials after his sentence was done.

Bolivar is expected to appear before Magistrate Judge Luis Saenz Sunday morning for a parole violation.

Sheriff’s investigators aren’t sure what will happen to him, but they believe the Texas Department of Corrections will come pick him up.

About a year ago, a judge revoked his probation in Kleberg County after he was arrested on a drug charge in Tennessee. Judge Angelica Hernandez sentenced him to 15 years in prison.


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