Hargill Family Defends ICE Agent Shooting


McALLEN–Family members said a Rio Grande Valley rancher and two sons shot at an ICE agent Tuesday after they thought he was going to accost them and failed to identify himself as a law enforcement officer.

Pedro Alvarado, 41, and Arnoldo Alvarado, 18, have been arrested and charged with the assault of  Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Agent Kelton Harrison near their Hargill home, federal prosecutors said.

A third son, who is 16-year-old, was charged with attempted capital murder in a Hidalgo County Juvenile Court because federal prosecutors don’t prosecute minors. The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s investigators are asking state prosecutors to charge him as an adult.

“The announcement of these arrests related to the shooting of our HSI special agent is a testament to the close cooperation among our law enforcement partners,” said Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton. “We are encouraged by this action to bring these criminals to justice. We continue to keep the agent and his family in our prayers during his road to recovery.”‬

‪‬The family claims they had an incident with pseudo cops a few months ago and the wife had a gun held to his head. They were able to chase off the attackers and nobody was arrested.

‪HSI special agents were conducting surveillance Tuesday in anticipation of a narcotics transaction believed to be occurring near Hargill.

While parked in his official vehicle near the  intersection of Farm to Market 493 and Cemetery Road, Harrison was allegedly approached by another vehicle from which shots were fired.

According to the criminal complaint, the agent proceeded north and the second vehicle pursued him and continued shooting.

Harrison then lost control of his vehicle, at which time additional agents arrived and discovered the agent had been shot one time in the back.‬

HSI special agents then conducted a consent search at a residence in Hargill and encountered Pedro Alvarado and his son, Arnoldo Alvarado, who were then taken into federal custody for further questioning. A third person, a minor, was also identified in relation to the crime and turned over to state authorities.‬

‪The penalty range for assault on federal officer is up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to 250,000, upon conviction. Both Alvardos are being held in federal facility until their next hearing on July 10.


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