Texas Most Wanted Criminal Caught in Matamoros


BROWNSVILLE–One of Texas’ Most Wanted Criminals is now in the hands of U.S. authorities after he was caught working at a maquiladora plant in Matamoros.

The Texas Department of Public Safety announced earlier in the week they were offer a reward for $15,000 for the arrest of Javier Cortez Jr.

Officials said they had a capital murder warrant for Cortez out of Harris County. They claimed he stood over a 29-year-old victim and shot him nine times in the Houston area in 2010.

They released information saying Cortez Jr. was believed to be living in Matamoros and was a member of the Tango Blast gang..

A few days after that announcement, DPS called Mexican authorities about information he was working at Quimica Fluor.

A Tamaulipas State Police special operations team set up surveillance at the maquiladora plant and arrested him Thursday afternoon.


Mexican officials turned Cortez over to the U.S. Marshal’s Office on Friday afternoon at B&M Internatioanal Bridge under heavy security.

Cortez was taken to the Cameron County Jail and was extradited back to Harris County to face criminal charges for the capital murder case.



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