Reporters Blog on San Benito Teen Murder

San Benito Police reveal more information about the murder of 19-year-old Angel Perez early on Monday morning after the six defendants were given a $500,000 bond for murder.

Investigators report Angel Perez was helping Yarim Martinez and Claudio Ballesteros in an auto burglary on the 100 block of Winchell near Stenger about seven blocks from where he was stabbed. They would only say Angel Perez was there ie wouldn’t explain his role and that alone made him an accomplice in the crime. It’s also in the Sureno gang territory area, which is a local street gang.

J.J. Leal Mug Shot

Miguel Angel Perez (no relation to victim), Estban Rodriguez, JJ Leal, Robert John Anthony Martinez, Ruby Sanchez and Jose Ramos were allegedly upset these three people were breaking into cars in their neighborhood, according to police. (Note: Leal and Sanchez are brother and sister.) They also were under the influence of alcohol.

They called 911 to report the crime, while some chased the trio in a car and they caught up with Angel Perez, who was only a block from his home. It was there police said Perez was stabbed 14 times and he later died at the hospital.

Photo of Angel Perez

Police said Angel Perez had no police record and had only lived in the neighborhood for three years.  We got a tip about his Facebook page. It showed he liked marijuana and an e-mail even said he conducted drug trade on this social media page. After we asked about this facebook page, police claimed they didn’t know anything about it and the page was taken down.

The family for Angel Perez denied any of this. They told us he was a cancer survivor and wasn’t involved with any wrongdoing, such as selling drugs or auto burglaries. They weren’t even aware of Martinez and Ballestros, the two people police alleged he was with for the auto burglary.

MIguel Angel Perez Mug Shot

While at the arraignment, I notice Miguel Angel Perez had visible injuries to his face. Police told me Perez, Ramos and Martinez, who were driven by Sanchez, caught up to Angel Perez at the corner of Rockefeller and Winchell Street..

They said Miguel Angel Perez got out and started assaulting Angel Perez. They described it as a fistfight, but Angel Perez was holding his own and was beating him up.

The Angel Perez family told me he wasn’t a fighter and they were surprised to hear this.

Afterwards, the others got out and were involved in the fight and when they couldn’t beat Angel Perez up, they stabbed him, according to police.

Jose Ramos Mug Shot

Moments after his arraignment at the San Benito Municipal Court, Ramos turned to the media as he was being walked out and stated they have the wrong guy.

Ruby Sanchez Mug Shot

Investigators told us when they found him a few hours after the crime, he had blood on his shoes and he was with Sanchez. Sanchez admitted to her role in the crime, but refused to implicate her brother, Leal, or Ramos.

San Benito Police Investigators at Press Conference

Police also said the people who have confessed to the crime have shown remorse for the crime, but when they were arraigned, there was no emotion other than the outburst by Ramos.

There were reports this may have been a gang-related beating and stabbing, but police don’t believe so.

Robert John Anthony Martinez Mug Shot

They believe Leal, Martinez and Perez are associated with the Sureno street gang, but the others aren’t.

Four of the six suspects were in jail with the exception of Rodriguez and Ramos by Monday morning. The other were being held for other crimiinal charges.

They actually had to let Ramos go because they didn’t have enough evidence to keep him. Rodriguez couldn’t be found, though San Benito Police had released a photo of him as a person of interested on Monday afternoon. Rodriguez’ photo was plastered on tv, newspapers and websites in the Rio Grande Valley.

After police obtained the arrest warrant, we are told they went to arrest Ramos at his job at Performance USA Telemarketing, which is located at Four Corners in Brownsville. It was dark and he was in a training room, but police pulled out Ramos and arrested him.

Esteban Rodriguez Mug Shot

Rodriguez was in the same training room with Ramos. They were co-workers at this telemarketing company. When Ramos was arrested, Rodriguez called police to ask questions, claiming he was in Mexico. Police discovered he was lying and went back to his place of employment and took him into custody.


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