Cameron County DA Gets Update on Livingston Extradition

BROWNSVILLE–The Cameron County District Attorney reports they are getting closer to bringing home a convicted killer to face justice.

Amit Livingston was convicted in 2007 for murdering Hermilia Hernandez of Edinburg. Prosecutors said the two were having an affair at the time of her death. Her body was found on South Padre Island in 2005.

Livingston was sentenced to 23 years in prison seven years ago by then-404 State District Judge Abel Limas. He was given two months to clean up his affairs and report to prison. He never showed up and was on the run until he was caught in India last May.

Luis Saenz, the Cameron County District Attorney, vowed to find Livingston when he took office. He set up a Facebook page and reached out to authorities in India where it was believed he was living.

Saenz announced last spring it may take awhile to bring Livingston back to Texas to start serving his prison sentence. They have been in communication with authorities.

Today, on his Facebook page, he reports he is meeting with officials in Washington DC who are working on his extradition. They said Livingston is in an Indian prison and officials are considering charging him with local charges.

The DA vowed they are working dilligently to bring him here to face justice.


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